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Is it possible to remove a search result that appears on search engines outside Europe?

No, the CJEU decision only applies to European search engines. For example, the information will still be available on the Canadian search engine

As of September 2015, the most delinked site is Three of Google’s own sites,, and are among the ten most delinked sites. In addition to Google, Yahoo and Bing have also put up forms for making delinking requests.

The European Union has been pushing for the delinkings requested by EU citizens to be implemented by Google not just in European versions of Google (as in,, etc.), but on and other international subdomains. Regulators want delinkings to be implemented so that the law cannot be circumvented in any way. 

What if your data is collected illegally or misused?

If you think that your data is not being handled according to the rules or has been processed illegally, you can send a complaint to the data controller (the person or body processing your data).

You have the right to:

  • ask for the data to be corrected, erased or blocked
  • demand that the data controller notify those who have already seen the incorrect data, unless this requires a disproportionate effort

If you don’t get a reasonable answer from the data controller, you can send a complaint to your national data protection authority.

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