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Why perform an IP check?

IP lookup tools deliver a wide range of information. For some, that information is helpful during an online investigation; for others, it reduces the chance of dealing with fraudsters and verifies the place of work by looking at how many computers are on the internet. The tool can gather the below data.

  • IP Address Validity

Checking if the IP address is valid. 

Ping test response time should be fast (under 10ms). Anything over 100ms could show that there are problems with that connection – including that it is going through proxies or nodes (see below).

  • Blacklists Check

Hundreds of mail servers worldwide collaborate on maintaining lists of spammy, fraudulent, or dangerous IP addresses. These IPs are collected in the DNSBL (Domain Name BlackList) and RBL (RealTime Blacklist), among others.

It is easy enough to check if an IP address appears on these lists. If they do, it should give you pause for concern as they have probably been used by known email spammers in the past.

  • Proxy Server Detection

Proxy detection lets you learn if the user hides their IP using a proxy, VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a Tor node. These connections are designed to bypass geo-restrictions or keep the user anonymous.

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