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What is Public Domain Data?

Public Domain Data” means personal information (1) initially available to the public and typically over the Internet; (2) that has a reasonable basis to believe is lawfully made available to the general public by or from: (i) the data subject (or consumer or Individual to whom the personal information relates), (ii) widely distributed media, or (iii) from a person to whom the data subject has disclosed the personal information (provided that Refinitiv does not have knowledge that the data subject has restricted the information to a specific audience); or (3) lawfully made available from records, databases, and/or systems of government agencies, departments, divisions or other operating units, in electronic, paper or any other format. Examples include personal information found on: (i) sanction or watch lists; (ii) law enforcement, court, regulatory or other government websites; (iii) political websites and publications such as parliamentary, local government or individual politician websites; (iv) reputable news media and publications; and (v) information sources made public by an individual themselves, for example on their website, blog or any social media application.

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